Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two silly questions

1. If the universe continuously expands (the usual example that I get is that the universe expands like a balloon and there is nothing except the balloon, so there is no question of whats after the edge of the universe), won't the distance between the sun and the earth also constantly (in accordance with Hubble's law)increase? or if it is constant, then are the sun and the earth both move outwards at the same velocity?

2. If the first living thing (or organic??) that was formed on this planet is either DNA (How can it replicate without any enzymes??) or RNA (There is a chance for it to replicate- Ribozymes!!), do you think all the four bases were formed simultaneously. I seriously doubt that. If so, which one's were formed first? If Adenine is formed first, it had to wait till Thymine to form the pair. Then why should the pair wait for GC pair to form the DNA?