Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Last year....

12. My Research was not the same.
13. Change of personnel in our house.
14. I collected more pictures of others than that of mine.
15. I had the time of my life at the Indy GP. Fosters+ Hot sun+ sound of 22 F1 cars at the same time= oooooohhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
16. Family reunion at Smokey mountains. Not exactly the mountains, but a cottage nearby:)
17. I Watched Seinfeld for the first time. Is there any International fan club for Kramer?
18. I had the privilege of experiencing both the "terrific" and "terrible" part of a trip in less than 20 mins: Indian food at swagath/ Wheat Beer at O' Daud's- 20 mins later- Om Santhi Om in a theater. The experience was so bad that we were forced to drink again after the movie ended. Sushanth, our driver drank right out the bottle!!!
19. Best Tamil Album: "Sivaji"
20. Best Tamil Song: "Para Para Pattamboochi"from the album "Tamizh M.A" by Yuvan Shankar Raja and "Maduraikku pogadhadi" from the album "Azhagiya Tamizh Magan" by ARR

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Last year.....

Last year.....

1. It was 2007 (I am the first one to say that!!!)
2. Favorite sports moment of the year: India winning T-20 world cup; A-Rod getting a contract extension; Tom Brady's record; Tiger's 13th major; Ferrari's world championship
3. Best things that I have done: Making a movie for the Indian Students Association of Kansas State University, Ice Skating for the first time, Going to ---- Royale, Dallas.
4. Best trip I had made: Dallas, TX. (Thanks Dallas' machans for the making the trip memorable)
5. Favorite movies:English- Ratatouille, 3.10 to Yuma, Bourne Ultimatum, Eastern Promises, Zodiac, Rescue Dawn
Hindi- Chak de India
Tamil: Sivaji, Mozhi
6. Best websites I had visited for the first time:,,,
7. Favorite thing to have read on internet: cricinfo's blogs,'s Hot Clicks. (The first three things that I Check on internet every morning: my gmail, and SI's hot clicks)
8. Favorite sports person's of the year: Tiger (for his great year), Lewis Hamilton (A rookie...really!!!?), Sourav Ganguly (Cricket's greatest entertainer...on and off the field), A- Rod (54 home runs, good contract, Bottom 9th- Vs Orioles- Grand Slam- F***in' Awesome)
9. Best Product I had bought: Ipod video- 40GB and a Canon SLR
10. Best thing on TV: Friday Night Lights
11. One of my favorite pics of 2007: Tiger with his family

will be continued......