Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad McD experience!!!!

It was an amazing morning for me today. For the first time in few months I saw the Sun rise. The weather was awsome. Only after deciding to go to McDonalds for my breakfast that I found car keys of both sushanth and prasanna were missing. A faint TV noise made me open prasanna's room, only to find that both him and ganesh were sleeping with TV on. I switched off the TV, grabbed his car keys and was of to McD.

Mornings at McD are often a dreadful experience. Credit cards wont be accepted on most days and in the worst case , the restaraunt would be closed for maintanance. Anyways, today I managed to take some cash from an ATM nearby, grabbed some breakfast and came home. It's really bad that McD doesnt accept credit cards early in the morning. People who travel in the morning try to grab something to eat as fast as they can and if they find that the biggest fast food chain in the world doesn't serve them food just because they dont have cash on them, it will probably make them hate McD altogether.

If it happens again, I know I am gonna......

It was an enthralling experience to watch Sun rise!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Everybody Loves Raymond

After years of "Friends", I changed my "10 PM- Laugh time" dish to "Everybody Loves Raymond". It tastes different. "Friends" tasted better but I was bored from having it daily, all through the year. "Raymond" was a great change. The comedy is subtle, gentle and more family- oriented. I was skeptical at first, but now, I kinda liked it.

I am currently watching season 6...will try to finish off the entire series by next month.