Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Last Week.....

1. Aren't we supposed to work on labor day?!!!...

2. At last, I turned 25!!!...Hertz, here I come!!!

3. Looks like a lot of guys turned/will turn 25 this week and the following. For all you guys: "Welcome to the Elite club".

4. Why do lot of Desis have their birthdays in september?

5. Happy Birthday Arun, Amita, Seenu and Harshit.

6. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are way too better than the 30 others.

7. Super Bowl 42: New England Vs Saints or Cowboys. Winner: NE Patriots.

8. Why is Mr. Amitabh Bachan still acting?!!!

9. Britney Spears' VMA performance.....Oh my God!!! Thank God I was watching Cowboys-Giants Game.

10. ICC's new format allows India to enter the second round, provided we win against scotland. Super Eight's Grouping: India, England, New Zealand and South Africa.
India have a chance to make it to Semi finals this time.

11. Irish or michigan will definitely win next weekend. (Oh...I am not that confident....only that they play each one has to win!!!)

12. Roger Federer wins; Tiger Woods wins. What's new?!!!

13. Maria Sharapova seen in Novak's family Box. Hmmm...Interesting!!!

Crazy thing that I heard last week: Kyla Ebbert, 23, was reprimanded by South West airlines for wearing a revealing dress. She was asked to adjust her dress and then board the plane. It's not like she was wearing a bikini top; it was just a tank-top and a mini skirt!!!!

Excerpts from Union tribune:

"I asked him what part of my outfit was offensive," she [the twenty-three-year-old passenger] said. "The shirt? The skirt? And he said, 'The whole thing.' "
Keith [the flight attendant] asked her to go home, change and take a later flight. She refused, citing her appointment. The plane was ready to leave, so Keith relented. He had her pull up her tank top a bit, pull down her skirt a bit, and return to her seat.